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We do not show much, just the latest collection
You can always above all currently see how many minutes of video are there and how many photos we have now.

Since we are only paying a flat rate for members is very low and constantly upload new video and you can watch all the best for a fixed cost we do not do here.In the moment there are very low monthly prices (because this store is only at the end March 2015 went online) which of course remain for those who have now registered.

We film in Full HD 50p !!! So have top quality video and very high quality microphones you can hear and see everything as long as you want. The preview images are all from the original video material can therefore be separately fined or made with SLR cameraThere are no hidden costs or hidden ABO traps. With us everything is fair and transparent, the only thing is hidden from us. All our material which you can see as a member.Register now and benefit from the most competitive price, long-term course or wait.

We do not need to hide, we do it but cheeky grin.